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Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are an additional beautiful hardscape that help to level an area, reduce erosion, provide a modern space for new plantings and break up your landscape. Retaining walls are available in an assortment of textures, styles and shapes providing a rustic and charming touch to your outdoor space. If you would like to increase the beauty of your retaining wall, DCR suggests adding a simple water feature to provide a more organic appearance. Another choice is utilizing a wall cap to finish off your design which offers a more refined feeling.

DCR Landscaping & Construction Inc. can add beauty and symmetry to any property by building retaining walls. We can create a gradual or sharp turn with the block, whichever is more suitable to you and the landscape design.


Proper preparation is the key to any successful job. We at DCR pride ourselves in completing every job from start to finish with supreme quality and workmanship. This will be evident to you the very first day that we step foot onto your property.


To add functionality and convenience to a retaining wall, DCR can build various sets of steps. These may lead to an interlocking paver brick patio or a grass area.



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"This card is sent to you and your crew for a job well done! We wanted you to know how extremely happy we are with the landscape renovation that you completed at our property. We routinely receive compliments from friends and strangers alike. If you have a reference list, we would be happy and honored to a part of it. Your work is truly amazing and has brought our home to life!"


- Fiore Residence: Summit, NJ

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