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How To Select A Good Landscaping Contractor

DCR Landscaping & Construction, Inc. understands that choosing a good contractor for your project may not be an easy decision to make. To help assist you in the process of choosing a professional landscaping contractor, we would like to offer some helpful advice.

License / Insurance: Most often given advice when choosing a contractor is to make sure the contractor is licensed and insured. Confirm that the contractor has met or has fulfilled all state requirements. It is OK to ask to see certificates.

Price: Be sure to obtain several bids so you can compare prices. Contractors all understand how important price is to your decision making. However, in order for you to be able to compare price, all bids must be for the same project, products, specifications and quality of work.

The Estimate: A good contractor will prepare a complete proposal that refers to the scope of work . Proposal should include the price clearly spelled out , and brands and models that will be used. Beware of contractors who refuse to give a written estimate.

Reputation / References: A contractors reputation is one of his most valuable assets. It takes reliable work, satisfied customers & enduring relationships with suppliers to build a good reputation. The best contractor has positive references & testimonials from at least 1-4 previous customers.

Business Longevity: The best type of contractor has been in business for 10 years or more under the same name. A contractor that also has a physical business office and address with a staff to answer questions is a professional contractor.

Communication: A good contractor understands the value & importance of clear communication. They should value your questions. A good contractor makes sure there are no misunderstandings and asks for feedback on a regular basis.


DCR Landscaping & Construction, Inc. hopes that we have helped you better understand all of the common advise given to consumers. We wish you the best in choosing the right contractor for your job and wish you a successful project!

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