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How to Keep Mosquitos Away From Your Yard?

How to Keep Mosquitos Away From Your Yard?

There’s nothing worse than having a quiet evening on your patio (or a not so quiet Barbeque in your yard) than having to deal with the constant fear of being bitten by mosquitos. You could rely on insect repellent each time you go outside to your yard, but there are also several ways to prevent your backyard from becoming infested with this summertime nuisance. The following tips will allow your yard to stay as mosquito-free as possible!

1. Remove ALL Stagnant Water from Your Yard

This includes birdbaths, empty ceramic or plastic pots you have sitting around, and the water dishes underneath your pots. Stagnant water provides mosquitos with a breeding ground, so it attracts them more than anything else, making this the MOST IMPORTANT TIP from this list.

Not sure what else may be filling up with water? Wait until the next time it rains and check afterwards which places in your yard remain filled with water, whether it be a pile of leaves, a tarp you have lying around, or anything else of that nature.

2. Clean Out Your Gutters Every So Often

Like birdbaths and piles of leaves on the ground, your gutters are also a big place that could accumulate water, thus attracting mosquitos. By cleaning your gutters out, you’re preventing this from happening to cut off the issue at the source.

3. Plant Some Mosquito Repelling Bushes or Herbs

Lemon Thyme is one of the best to plant in your yard, and it it is “easy to grow”! It grows so much that it may be hard to maintain, so do keep that in mind before planting it. A good alternative if you don’t want to maintain is Lemon Balm, which you can plant in a container on your patio or porch.

Another great staple for keeping mosquitos away is also Catnip, which is easier to control as far as aggressive growth, and may even be more effective than Lemon Thyme, although scientific studies have shown that lemon-based plants are the most effective when it comes to repelling mosquitos.

4. Rough Up Some of the Branches, Leaves, and Stems of Your Plants

This seems like an odd one, but if you cut off a few of the branches and stems, it works much better to repel mosquitos than simply leaving the plant on its own. It helps to release the smell of the herb or plant into the air more, so be sure to do so before a backyard party (not every day).

If you rub the leaves of these plants on your skin, it can work as a natural mosquito repellent, so definitely keep that in mind as an alternative to bug spray.

5. Light Citronella Torches or Candles on Nights You Know You’ll Be Outside

This tip is more of a short-term fix, but a good idea for parties or occasions you know you’ll be outside in your yard ahead of time. You can make your tiki torches more than just a festive addition to a party by adding citronella oil to them to give them a function- keeping those pesky mosquitos away! Simply buying citronella candles for your porch or patio is also both a calming and multi-purpose way to keep those bugs away.

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