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DCR Landscaping & Construction Inc. can enhance any property by installing outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting will bring added beauty, safety and security to your home and gardens, while increasing your property value. Our expert lighting consultant will meet with the client for a free consultation. A variety of lights will be demonstrated and then a budget is set for the number of lights to be installed. After the client chooses the type of fixture he or she desires, we complete an estimate and drop it by the home.


Allow DCR to install innovative outdoor lighting through Unique Lighting Systems. There are three types of landscape lighting used to accent your home or establishment. Path lighting is typically used to brighten walkways and patio areas. Spot lighting is used to highlight specimen trees and various garden features. Well lighting is finally used to illuminate large mature trees as well as the facade of your home.

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Although autumn is generally a prelude to winter and the depression associated with it, this fall things are looking great at our house. The landscaping and walls that you provided us really make the difference! Before my wife and I would hate to look out of our side window. Now our window is always open. The work is exquisite!


I would also be remiss if I didn't mention how courteous all of your workers were during the six weeks they were at our home. No radios blaring, no cans or food wrappers left behind and no requests of any kind including use of our bathroom. Thank you again for your personal attention.


-Ciuffreda Residence: Watchung, NJ

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