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Don’t underestimate the power of a striking driveway. It is the first thing visitors will notice when they arrive outside your home. The design of your driveway can directly compliment or take away from the attention of your house. Installing the right driveway will offer desirable curb appeal and increase the value of your home. It is no longer just a limited choice between concrete and asphalt. There are many options when it comes to driveway materials as well as the edging you desire. Keep in mind as you are searching through various styles and prices, that installing a driveway the proper way takes time & planning.

A driveway is the first thing you and your visitors see from the street, so it's an opportunity to make a lasting first impression.

DCR Landscaping & Construction Inc. can give your home curb appeal with a driveway that compliments your home and yard. It is no longer just a limited choice between concrete and asphalt. Interlocking pavers are growing in popularity for all sorts of driveway paving applications, and an attractive paver driveway can add value to your home.



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"Thank you for the fine landscape design and installation that you have completed for us. We have received many compliments about the work that you have done on our property. Also, the swift implementation of the plan was very impressive. In a short time you completed the work at hand and it still came out meticulous. We are also grateful that you replaced four rhododendrons which died in the planting along the Clive Hills Road side of our property. We are looking forward to seeing everything bloom in the spring and summer. In the near future we will also be in touch regarding maintenance of these plantings."


- Woods Residence: Edison, NJ

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